We understand that a data centre is a huge piece of critical equipment, every aspect requires constant monitoring and redundancy enabled support in order to provide the functionality and reliability that you and your clients expect. We have vast experience in the design and build of data centres and understand the importance of using the latest products and technologies to ensure your data centre is both efficient and effective.
From the initial design and build to the annual maintenance we employ a large amount of preventative maintenance and technology to ensure that while under one of our maintenance contracts your facility is as effective and it was on day one.
As every project is unique we realise that it is important to identify your needs from the beginning, this is why we always use experience project managers from start to finish, constantly managing and monitoring project costs and requirements.

Among the design and installation services we provide we are able to advise on:

Air Conditioning

    • high density computer cooling
    • cold-isle containment
    • free cooling systems
    • chilled water


    • uninterruptable power supplies (UPS)
    • power distribution units
    • standby generators
    • standard & emergency lighting solutions
    • complete new circuits and rewiring

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